New blog, new job

by Line

After several years of writing Norwegian blogs, I figured it was time that I started one that all of you will be able to read. For those of you who have some interest in reading about what I did last year, Isabel and I wrote this blog to keep friends and family updated. Sadly it’s in Norwegian, but some of my English speaking friends chose to translate it with google, and that way they got the idea of what it’s about. You can do it too!

Two days ago I got back after almost nine months in Spain, and yesterday I had my first day in my new job. For the first time in my life I felt like I chose a new challenge before the world had the opportunity to give me another one, and it felt fantastic. Up until the day I told my now new bosses that they would see me 8 o’clock the 16 of June – just 12 hours after I arrived home – life had always thrown challenges at me that I always struggled getting through. It wasn’t always pleasant, and I ended up with bad memories from experiences that could have been good. I won’t tell you all of the stories I have about stuff like that right now, but to give you a heads up; this blog will be about my experiences – both the good and the bad, my day-to-day life, and how I’m gonna try to reach my goal; volunteer work in Costa Rica autumn/winter 2012.

Today it’s raining, it’s my day off and life is good!