by Line

My last day with classes in Salamanca we discussed what we do to relax. In Spain they seem to be very good at doing stuff in a slow pace, and our teacher wondered when we had time to actually chill out and not think about much, because she meant that the way we told her about our lives and how Salamanca was different from – in my case – Norway, we never had time to actually relax. After some thoughts I realized that my best and most frequent “think about nothing time” is when I drive around in my car, listen to music and sing to myself. Now a days the speakers scream out the soundtrack of the musical Cats, and I sing (scream?) with, feeling nothing but pure happiness. Driving, singing and looking out the windscreen at the beautiful nature I mean we have makes me, in maybe a weird way, be so calm that I catch myself smiling with no reason and from time to time it helps me figuring out answers to stuff I’m struggling with. Of course, like everybody else, drinking tea and reading a good book also makes me feel pretty relaxed, but nothing could be higher up on my relaxlist than driving. Last summer I drove almost ten hours by my self to a small town called Førde, to meet a good friend of mine, and it’s my best vacation memory so far.

Right now I just got back from a nice “get together” with some of my best friends just catching up now that we’re all back in town for a while, and next I’m heading for bed bringing with me the 25th book in the series Hall of Fame – Donald Duck. This one is by the writer Don Rosa, his book number 7, full of his stories from the 90’s. Tomorrow is another day of work, and I’m not sure what to think about that so I choose to not think about it at all!