Befriending the cash register

by Line

What I should be doing and what I actually am doing is two very different things at this specific moment. I should look for my mom’s secret hiding spot for dirty underwear so I can wash them, and I should definitively tidy my room. Because I went straight to work after getting home and spent yesterday doing nothing special it looks like a real mess, more or less because I emptied my suitcase on the floor and left the contents right there, on the floor. My family thinks that I brought way to much useless stuff back home, but for me it’s all memories – even the boa, the piratehat and the parrot who whistles if you push it’s stomach. The long-term plan is to make a collage with pictures, tickets and other stuff you can put on a wall, but I guess it’s not that urgent when I’m actually staying home for over a year.

Today I had my second day at work, and if you don’t mention the fact that I spilled coffee all over my self after a fight with the ice-cream machine who turned me into something looking like the inside of a trash-can, I guess it went pretty good. Even the friendship with the cash register seems to catch up, and we don’t argue as much as we did the first day of work. Day two was actually pretty good, because on Wednesday I was at the point of crying after five hours and had to take a break, breathe and chill for a while before I could go back out there and try to do my job. My co-workers are really nice and they’re good at teaching me all the new stuff, even though I feel like I ask too much and mess up stuff more than I should. I shouldn’t feel bad about it though, because I never ever had a job like that before, and it’s not human to learn something new after just eight hours. And there’s a lot to learn! Routines, how to make a burger, where the sausages are and of course that god damn cash register.. But thinking about how day two went, I guess the moral is day three will be better.

With that in my mind I’ll go out celebrate St. John’s Eve with good friends and tell you all about it later. Enjoy your Saturday!