by Line

Then I survived another day of work. I’m learning a lot everyday, and while I was driving home this evening I thought to myself “wow, I think I might enjoy this soon“, and by that I feel I’ve accomplished something I was really skeptical about in the beginning. A whole bunch of people who know me knows that I’ve never been so fond of the thought “working at a gas-station”, but now I will admit that it’s just been a fear of something new that I never knew something about, because the truth to be told, I’ve never even seen a cash register up close before I started this job. I’ve worked in kindergartens, fabrics, selling strawberries and cleaning toilets, and the last summers I’ve been doing maintenance work in the fabric where my mom work, but I’ve never worked in a store. I think that’s more or less because I’ve been afraid of not being able to do it correct, and whenever I start something new I want to be really good at it. So far I think the maintenance job is the one I’ve enjoyed the most – painting, cleaning and fixing stuff at my own pace but in time, and my bosses have always been pleased with what I did. Now I have to start thinking in a different way, customers and all that comes along, and I have accepted that challenge and so far I feel that it can be a job I will feel comfortable in. I am proud of myself!

Tomorrow I have a dentist appointment that I’m really nervous about, I know that there are holes in my teeth and I’ve always been afraid of the dentist. I also have to pay for it myself, and that does not make it more attractive at all. But as everything else in life you have to do, I have to do this – even though I don’t want to and don’t really have money for it. Please wish me a whole lot of luck, I need it so bad.

– By the way, when I’ve tidied up my room I’ll show you a picture of my small spot of happiness and my great walls of memories and love!