Tired and happy

by Line

So, I found the dirty clothes after a while and I also managed to tidy up my room a little bit, and that equals a better tomorrow and no worries about going without underwear at work  – makes me pretty proud. I know it’s only been about three days since I got home, but I feel I’ve already gotten in to some new and good habits that makes me feel like I actually managed to start a new road to where I want to be. Yesterday I made dinner and put some clothes in the dryer for my mom (who figured my first weekend back home was a good one for going to Prague), I know how the washing machine works and can clean my own clothes, I have a dentist appointment on Monday, I have a job, I need to start a payback at a loan, I have to buy some light bulbs for my car and now I also have my own “auto-pass-brick” that will make it a bit cheaper to drive to Oslo and visit my friends when I have time. And last but not least, I think I’ve started to think in a different way. I’m calmer and I don’t worry as much as I did, I put myself first and I’m noticing that I smile more often than I did just a few weeks ago. I’m not sure where life will take me, and I have no idea what to do when summer is over and autumn begins, but everything feels a bit like hakuna matata and it’s good.

Celebrating St. John’s Eve went just as I wanted it to, I met some old schoolmates and there was a quiz, really good music and a bonfire. Isabel and Hansi joined, and when we got back my sisters’ boyfriend and his friend came over and we all laughed and had a good time. Right now I’m really tired and I should probably lay down and sleep, but I also want to get this blog up and running as fast as I can, just because I’ve always loved writing and I think it’s fun to share my thoughts and doings with all of you. Blogging has always given me a good feeling, and in a way it makes me center and focus my head on why I’m doing what I am right now, and how my life feels really good. So I hope you all like reading it, because there will be more to come!

– And before I forget, the real date of celebrating St. John’s is actually the evening of June 23. but where I live we’ve always been meeting up the weekend before or after.