Six holes?

by Line

What happened to my teeth? Up until the day I finished secondary school I never had one hole, but then I suddenly had two. That was okay I guess, because I never thought I could go my whole life with perfect teeth, and even though I have a fear of both needles and dentists, I managed because I brought mommy or daddy. Now I have six holes and have to go all alone? And I even have to pay for it? The conversation between me and the dental hygienist went a little like this, in line with my rising pulse;

DH: So you have some holes
Me: How.. many?
DH: Let’s see, one, two.. three, aaand four
Me: Four?
DH: Let’s have a closer look
DH: Yes, and one in one wisdom tooth, no wait, in both
Me: Oh my.. six holes?

She also wanted me to buy some antibacterial stuff to use on my wisdom teeth two times a day, because I seem to have some infections that are not good at all. If I wasn’t that afraid of the dentist I would have pulled them stupid wannabe-wisdom teeth all out a long time ago, but everyone I’ve talked to that have done it says it hurts like hell and I have a relatively low pain threshold, so if I don’t have to I think I’m postponing it. But then again.. This year I only have to pay 25% of the real expensive price, so maybe I should do it either way? At least the two down in my mouth, because some of my teeth down there have started to move around, and I want to keep them in a straight line! Teeth can be so annoying..