Second day off

by Line

I guess I have to start thinking that days off are made for relaxing and not for running all over town to see most people in one day. I had an appointment in the bank at 10:00 am, then I had coffee with Mona, then I went to Isabel’s place to pick up the pictures from the disposable under-water camera, but she wasn’t home when I got there which equaled a forty minute nice talk on the balcony with her mother. After that I walked down to the center of Sandefjord to meet Bettina and her kid, it was a nice short date with talking and running around, and then I got a friend to drive me home. The thing is, it didn’t stop there. As soon as I got home I drove back to Sandefjord to pick up my sister’s bike and then we went straight back for dinner and had a “family-talk”. I’m pretty much deadbeat right now, and all I want is to sleep, but too bad for me I have to hang up the clean and wet clothes for drying, and I should really start getting some order and cleanliness into this room of mine.

It’s weird how just ten minutes of your day can change your mood entirely. If you look at the paragraph above, there’s a more or less vibrant tone which shows my not so good mood, but then look what happened; My friends’ little brother just showed up at our door to say hi and catch up a little bit, and it totally changed my tiredness into energy!  I once met a man who said that he thought from the moment he saw me that I’m a person who transfers others’ feelings and adds them to my own mood, and I guess he was right. So today’s lesson is; Please smile to other people, most of them will give you a smile back and your day will be better! Right now I’ll go out and try a friend’s stilts, and then I’ll go back inside to do some stuff I have to do, before I head for bed with a good book and a nice cup of tea.

Doing my best!