A lot to do

by Line

My not-so long-term plan worked, and yesterday I had a fantastic but hard day working from four to eleven. I’ve promised my self never to have to go to work hangover ever again, and by that I’m saying that I won’t drink the day before work again. At least not until four o’clock (this has been said a thousand times before, and most of the time it was Isabel who figured it was needed to put a sentence in addition to her first; “I’m never drinking again. At least not until next week”.). Except for being really tired and a bit dizzy the day after, my Saturday was unbelievably fun – we danced, we sang, I met old friends I hadn’t seen in a really long time, and I met new, cool people. Success! Before the big (it was really small actually) party, I had time to hang out at Paulinas balcony, and before work yesterday I had time to be hangover at Theas place. Today I went to Revetal (also know as “nowhere”, almost an hour away from where I live) to be with Terese for some hours, we watched “The Secret“, had coffee and talked about everything we’ve done the last year. Later the plan is to go to Monas place for movienight, and because it’s getting late I think I have to get going!

At least I got to update you on my mood (that is obviously better since last time I posted something) and what I’ve been doing in my precious days off time. Tomorrow I’m going to paint Isabels room with her, and in the evening I’m invited to a girls-night at Bettinas place. A lot to do in other words, and maybe there’ll be some pictures out of it too. When that is said I won’t promise anything, but after watching The Secret – which I totally believe in, law of attraction and all that – I figured I wanted to make a so-called “Inspiration-Wall” and show it to you when it’s done (which might take.. a few days). I hope your lives are treating you good too, we’ll keep in touch!