Happy days

by Line

Movie-night yesterday was really fun, I remember I thought about not going for a while, but then I figured why not, it’s not like it’ll make me die? We watched “The Punisher” – or something like that – a really strange movie based on some comics, but in the end it was good (even though some of us thought it was gross and full of blood and with too much violence, while others meant the action was fantastic). After that we talked, jumped on the trampoline for five minutes (I didn’t have more breath after that and had to sit down) and then we played a set of volleyball. In other words; A really nice summer evening with really nice people, laughter and smiles. Another success!

Today, I ran late of course, but I managed to be at Isabels place at 10:30 am, had breakfast there and then we started painting. The result was really good, and tomorrow they’ll finish up with a second stroke. Time passed by really fast, and I laughed and felt more happy than I’ve been in a really long time. That’s the thing about Isabel, she’ll make you laugh of really small and stupid things even if you have a really crappy day, and I can be stupid and mess around as much as I want because I know she knows that I’m not really stupid (someone might object on this subject, but you know, being weird is and will always be positive, at least when it comes to ME). At five she had to go to work, and I went over to grandma. Grandma-time is always nice, I always get something to drink, something to eat, and a good conversation. Today she also did my hair, and I have a feeling both her and I went back ten years sitting there on the balcony, thinking about all the good memories from the same place when I was younger. Of course I had to leave after a while, to go to Bettinas place (which was really nice, as it always is being all the girls at the same place), but I always have some spare-hours for the best grandma in the world. She inspires me, she’s never annoying and on top of that she is one of the nicest persons I know about.

Now I’ve made myself a good cup of tea, and together with that I’m gonna watch one (or  more, you never know) episode of Fisica o Quimica, my favorite Spanish TV-series. I have a good feeling about the next couple of days, and soon I’ll get something awesome in my mailbox, I’m just not sure what yet. Wow, I’m looking forward to that!