by Line

Okay, I’ll admit I like to sleep until two, but it’s so useless! My plan now was to tidy my room a bit, chill out and listen to some music, but I have to start with dinner at three, and before that I have to vacuum the sofa. I guess I’m running late again, but what is better than making mom happy and listening to good music? And it’s pancakes for dinner, there’s nothing more fun than flipping pancakes either – especially when I’m not good at it!

Another thing I want to tell you is why my grandma is an inspiration to me. She is the one person I know who always takes things as it comes to her, and she is a master not to worry. Last summer I got to know that she had breast-cancer, and she operated while I was in Spain. A while after Christmas she had an other operation to fix her walking, and all of it went so good. She doesn’t have cancer anymore, and she is walking better than ever. The thing is, I was a wreck during the operations, but as I know her and because of what she told me, I can’t be anything but amazed by the way she is thinking. All of the time she said it was going to be fine, she joked about only having one boob, how nervous the other patients reacted and how she got mad at the doctors when they woke her up after the anesthesia. She did not worry about a thing and that deserves respect. So that’s why I love my grandma, and why she is a person worth looking up to!

Have a good day ya’ll!