My crib;

by Line

Here’s a picture of what I’ve been longing to get home to; my room! I’ve just tidied it up, and no, I did not push all the other useless stuff under the bed again – it’s already there. I’ve missed my bed a hell of a lot, my walls full of memories (I’ve not yet had time to find the pictures from Spain and put them up, but they’ll be there soon) and all my drawings I’m most proud to have made. I’ve missed my desk, all of my useless papers, the childish look and all my crap, the windowsill and the atmosphere. It’s not easy to explain why I love this room so much, but I guess the best way to give you a taste is to say that it’s because it’s mine. I do what I want with it, and even though it’s really small (7x2m) I have enough room for everything I need. The view is not the best, but not everyone has roses outside their window, haha. In the winter it’s fun to build huge snowmen looking straight in!

Not a very interesting post, but I have a feeling some of you might have been wanting to see where I live. And yes, I live in the woods, as I guess I’ve told several times before, and the other day when I drove home a deer strutted across the field just over here. Tomorrow is another day at work, and even though I start at eight in the morning I’m looking forward to it!