Cutting lettuce and so on

by Line

From time to time there are tourists visiting “Helgeroa”, the name of the place where my work is located, because it’s one of Norways nature-pearls, and everyone gets hungry right, so occasionally I get to talk English at work – which I totally love. They are usually Germans I’ve figured out (and of course there are some workers from Poland, but that’s not as much fun), but today a man from the U.S. entered our store. I immediately understood that he was a native american speaker, and because he smiled I smiled, and we had a small conversation. Briefly summarized he told me that I spoke better than some of his friends “over there” and that I could easily be mistaken for being from California! It totally made my day, and I also had the opportunity to talk about my stay in Salamanca with a nice woman that had visitors from Germany (of course), because it was raining and we didn’t get that many customers. Already yesterday I had a feeling this day would be nice! Apart from that I cut lettuce for more or less three hours, felt sorry for a kid who only could afford a pack of bubblegum with his 20 kroner, and I made my own burgers today – proud girl.

Right now I’m not doing much, and that’s the plan for the rest of my day too. Even though it’s nice to go to girl-nights and having bbq’s, I enjoy the days when I can be by my self and not do anything else than what I want to do. I’m kinda struggling with one thing though.. I wanna go and see the concert with Roxette next Thursday, but it’s really expensive and because of my loan and owing different people some money I’m not sure if I can afford it. But hey, why not? It could be once in a lifetime right? Michael Jackson suddenly died, so that’s kinda out of things I wanna do, and who knows when she’s gonna die? I’ll tell you if I’m going, could be really fun!

Tomorrow I’m getting up early to help Isabel finish up painting her room, and after that it’s another day at work. Have a good evening people (or morning, depends on where you are)!