Sleeping Beauty

by Line

Today I woke up by my self at nine, but my alarm wasn’t set to go off before nine-thirty, and because I’m an expert at daydreaming I went straight back to dreamland after ten minutes. It’s easier than you would imagine, you just start thinking about something really unrealistic, and before you know it you wake up again, just this time you will be so much more tired than the first time you woke up. And of course, if you don’t actually have another reason for getting out of bed than trying not to waste your day in bed, it’s even harder. Good for me that mom made a nice breakfast-table so I had a reason not to sleep until I have to go to work again, and my postcard from Gibraltar arrived yesterday! The ugly spot were the old window in our kitchen used to be is soon full of pictures and postcards (mostly from me, which my brother likes to remind me of) and there is more to come, from Paris for example – there’s nothing more fun than sending postcards to yourself!

Now I think I’m going out to pick some strawberries before I’m going back for another day at work, and I have to remember that I’m going to Monas birthday-party straight after. She’s leaving for England soon, and even though I’ll arrive late at the party, it’s better than not attending at all! C’ya tomorrow peeps, have an excellent Saturday!