Late, or just really early?

by Line

My plan was to write this blogpost after I got home yesterday, but I was so tired when I got in bed at 6:30am that I chose to pull the curtain all the way down, block the sunlight out and sleep like a baby instead. Now I’m a tad more awake, and what’s more fun than to tell you all about yesterday? Because I had to work I didn’t arrive the party before midnight, and by then everyone had consumed a whole lot of alcohol and the atmosphere were over the rooftops. I met so many awesome people I hadn’t seen in a long time, and everything was really nice, and then everyone got really drunk. I’m not saying that wasn’t fun either, but to summarize; I cleaned the floors, I tidied the house, I pretended to be a psychologist, someone had to take pictures when everyone entered the Jacuzzi with strawberries and champagne, and someone had to drive people home when the host was so tired she didn’t want the other drunk people there anymore. It was a perfect designated-driver’s night!

And yes, because I’m still not totally back to Norway’s partyhours, staying out until five in the morning was a nice reminder of what life has been the last year. Of course it never reached the “dancing on tables in your bra at a club full of people”-level, but I’ve missed home-parties a lot more than I thought I would when I left for Spain, and this one destroyed no expectations.

But what happened to time? I’m running late again (as always) and now I really have to eat and get dressed so I don’t turn up late at work. Tomorrow there’s more painting at Isabels place, including breakfast and coffee at her house of course, and this time I think I’ll bring my camera so all of you can see how great women we are! Gaining money here I run, have a good Sunday!