Painting Isabel’s room

by Line

Just like I told you about yesterday, today I’ve been painting the rest of Isabel’s room with her, and after several hours we finally got to the end of it. Her mom said that there’s no wonder why we used more or less a week with finishing it up, but as the hard-working people who often work late hours (and not because we love to talk, laugh and mess around) we think it’s totally fair to spend a week painting a whole room with several layers, including the bookshelf. I must say I’m a bit jealous of her room, not only because it looks perfect, but also because she can do whatever she wants with it. Not that I can’t do that with my room, but mine is smaller (not 2x7m as a said – which would’ve actually look quite weird, but 2x3,5m) and it’s more difficult to reshuffle the few furniture here. Good for me Isabel rarely mind me spending time at her place, and I’m really looking forward to girls-night, movie-night and other nights at her place this summer! As promised I’ll add some pictures for you to look at, and then I’ll go to bed with my tea and read a good book before sleeping and work tomorrow. Enjoy!

I love painting, always have, always will.

And it looks like Isabel likes it too!

A part of the almost final result, good girls.