To miss something

by Line

The other night I really missed Salamanca for the first time after I got home, and it was weird, sad and nice all at the same time. I looked through my cellphone, all the memories and pictures just popped up in my head, and I could feel how it is to miss something that’s never coming back. It’s not that I’m never going back there, because I am – in October actually, it’s just the thought of the others not being there when I will be. A group of foreigners from totally different parts of the world, who met eachother in Spain, and clicked right away. For the first time in my life I miss school, and I miss life as it was from October 2010 to May 2011. Eight months with ups and downs, but the things I remember are all good. Movienights, ice-skating, exploring the streets of Salamanca, schoolparties, classes about everything, daregame and picnic in the park. It’s time to make that memory-wall I’ve been talking about, this is the mood I’ve been waiting for. The mood where I’ve finally understood that it’s never coming back and that it’s nothing to be sad about, it’s a part of my life that I’ll forever bring with me and that I’ll forever look back at as one of the best years I had.

In five days we’re leaving for “Halmstad”, and I have a feeling it’s gonna be fantastic! Isabel and I will stay at Emma’s place, Dalia will be with Ricard, I hope that Anna-Karin gets the time to come visit (if you are in Sweden, distance is not a good excuse), and if Jakob gets some days off at work he’ll join us too. Come to think about it I haven’t seen Emma since December, even though it feels like it was yesterday we woke up and laughed our asses off because of pictures taken the night before. I can’t wait to see her again! We’re leaving early as hell on Monday, with the ferry at seven, so I’ll spend the night before at Isabel’s and when we arrive Sweden we’ll try to get to Halmstad in four hours. Mission impossible? Nah, I wouldn’t say that. Positive spirit, that’s what it is. This time I’ll promise you pictures I know will be taken, and I’ll write about long summernights talking and laughing and having a good time when I get back home (even though I have to go straight to work when we arrive Norway next Thursday).

Right now I’m waiting for Isabel, she’ll be here in about five minutes I guess, and then I have to go to work (wow, I feel like this blog never stops talking about my job, how come…). Well, have a good day the rest of you, was it Monday today? No, wait.. Wednesday, that’s what it is! C’ya!