Good night world

by Line

Another day at work is over, I just got out of the shower and I’m pretty ready for bed. Too bad for me my brother and my sister find it pretty nice to chill out in my bed (I have no idea why) and talk about stuff that no one cares about. Like travelling to the moon in thirty years, American geography, grades at school, stupid teachers, “don’t read what I’m writing to my friend” and so on. It’s not that I don’t like it, but I am really tired. Not like sitting in front of the TV being-tired, or knowing that you have to work four more hours-tired, but that kind of tired that you could fall asleep standing up in the shower, or fall asleep being awake-tired (if that makes any sense to you at all). Point being.. I’m really tired.

Sorry for writing this lame blog-post, but I couldn’t go to bed without telling you that I’m still alive and not dead of a disease that’s called “antisocial” and almost “workaholic”. Tomorrow there’s a chance of a much better post with an actual content, but I must say.. the odds are pretty low. I won’t disappoint though, there will be a blog-post about nothing really interesting tomorrow too. Good night!