Pouring rain

by Line

Today, I went out to stand in the rain. I was jumping around at first, doing a small rain-dance, but then I just stood there and closed my eyes. “Everything will turn out great”. I could see myself boarding a plane, arriving the airport in Madrid and walking the streets, feeling more happy than I have ever been. I could feel the pouring rain on my skin, I was shivering because it was cold, but not too cold, just nice. I could smell the trees around me, and I made myself remember the smell of Spain. It felt fantastic and I would recommend it to everyone – if you want to put a smile on your face, that is. We all think about it, but we seldom do it. Dancing and jumping around in the rain will make you smile, maybe because you feel joy or simply because you feel really stupid knowing that others can watch you out there. If the majority of our population would think like me, they would wish it was them standing there and being admired by the rest of us. You have the guts too, go dance in the rain!

If you don’t believe me dancing in the rain, I have a pretty good feeling you could ask my neighbor and get a positive answer.