True story

by Line

First of all, today I went swimming! It wasn’t at all as cold as I expected it would be, it actually felt warmer than Málaga but I guess that’s just because of the airtemperature-difference. I mean.. It was only 22 degrees Celsius in the air here (71,6 degrees Fahrenheit) so the temperature in the water couldn’t have been more than 15 or 16, unlike Spain who had a much higher difference. It felt nice though and I was up and down and jumping around, but then my friend was complaining so much he didn’t want to be in the water anymore, and I didn’t wanna be there all alone being a lame ass water-lover, so we walked the five-minute-walk back home. And except for that I haven’t done that much today. My mom woke me up at 11:am so I could have breakfast at a decent hour, then I watched TV-series until I went swimming, then we sat out on the balcony and talked for a while, I had dinner and now I’m sitting here. Naaah, I’m just kidding with you guys, I’ve been tidying my room all day and packing my bags so I can be ready to go to Isabel’s place in half an hour. True story, I promise – you know the fact that I’m never running late.

I’m really excited to go! We haven’t actually talked with Emma yet because she’s in Greece, but her mom said we could come and gave us a number we can call when we get close (Emma will be home tomorrow of course, or else the point of going would be pretty gone). Like always we are really optimistic and will be ready at the dock tomorrow morning at 6:am. That too is a true story. On Tuesday we’ll meet Dalia and Ricard and I really hope that Anna-Karin gets the time to come too, or else I guess we just have to do that one hour drive to her city. As easy as that! I’ve also helped my mom with different tickets in Paris today, I guess this summer will be really eventful after all. I’ve been writing some small post that will pop up these days I’m gone, but don’t expect to much and I will be back here Friday, have a good week!

And by the way, I did go swimming that’s an actual true story.