Four days in Sweden

by Line

Here are the pictures I promised you when I left, seems like we had a good time right? First of all, the drive was some story, we went on the ferry at 7:00am, really tired and not so ready for a four hour trip down to Halmstad but in a weird way we managed after all. I just bumped in to a car first. I didn’t make any damage or anything, but it was so embarrassing! When we got to Emma’s house she wasn’t home, so we chilled in the car as you can see of the first picture – for two hours, and later we got to know that her brother was home but he hadn’t heard us ring the bell. After she got home it took more or less ten minutes and we were back to November and the atmosphere was just as it was back then. The second day we went to Förslöv to visit Ricard and Dalia (also know as nowhere, for all of you who know Ricard – there’s no wonder he has a lot of fun-stories to tell) and by night to Båstad and all of the time everything was great. It’s weird how you can meet people, live with them for three months and then several months later you figure out that you’ve actually made friends for life. Anna-Karin also came to visit one day, and next year we are definitively going back to experience the relaxed atmosphere, all the laughter, the late summernights with wine or swimming and to visit some of the greatest people I know. Oh and yes, before I forget; I also managed to bump my car, on a hedge. Good thing I’m not gonna drive so much the next months, more about that in the next blogpost ;)

And last a quote from a roadtrip filled with laughter;
– Look Dalia, horses!
– Iiiiih, where!!!!?