Moving to Madrid

by Line

My last post was full of pictures, so I’ll try to update this one with some text. As you might already understand from the title, I’m moving to Madrid for a while, to work at an office. Exactly what I’m going to do is still a bit diffuse, but I have a feeling I’ll figure it out soon enough – it’s only ten days left until my first day. I’m leaving for Paris this Monday which means that I only have two more days left in Norway, two last days of work, two last days to say goodbye to everyone and two last days to pack my stuff again – I’m heading for Madrid straight from Paris.

Okay, so I don’t have words right now to continue this post so I’ll just finish it up with a picture I took in Sweden. At least now you know what’s happening and the next posts will probably be a bit more interesting than the ones I’ve been writing the last month! And of course I’ll make time to write at least one more post before going to Paris.