Last 30 hours, more or less

by Line

My last Saturday at home came faster then I would have thought.. I’m sitting here right now, in my room, comfortable in my bed trying to pack my suitcase. It’s harder then you would think, I feel like I just unpacked it. I guess I don’t need that much stuff and that I should just throw some stuff in there, I have some heavy books that has to get in there too – and runningshoes. Before I leave I have to do this; Give my workingclothes back, visit the grannies, get my notebook from Christine, go to Isabel’s place (very important), attend a party, pack down an be ready, text my now new boss, drive a friend home from a party and tidy my room. There’s probably more too, but for more or less 30 hours I think that’s enough.

And to all of you who hate seeing me leave again; I know that it’s not cool that I’ve only been home for a month, but for Christ’s sake – I’m coming back! I don’t like it either, but sometimes you have to take what life gives you and this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me, who knows what it can do to my future career? I love that you get mad, but please, wouldn’t you have done the same? Until Spain, don’t miss me to much, live instead!