Goodbye Norway

by Line

Is there anyone else out there who pack dirty socks when their leaving for more than a week? And who feels like they’ve packed way too much, even though it’s probably just what you need? And of course, is there anyone out there who, too, takes an extra look at everything around, kisses their car goodbye and don’t wanna go to sleep because they know that next time they’ll see their room is undefined? I am definitively one of those.

This time, leaving for Spain once again, I am bringing a dictionary that weighs more than a kilo and another book at one kilo, two packs of cereal which probably weighs a lot too, my running-shoes (this time I’m really gonna start jogging, I swear), a whole lot of clothes and of course some pictures from the last year if I get nostalgic and wanna daydream and just think happy thoughts in the warm summerevenings. Even though my mind is at a huge stand-still right now and I’m taking it in minute by minute I can’t wait for getting to Madrid, walking the streets, taking a huge breath and smelling the sweet smell of the country who got to my heart the minute I stepped my foot in it for the first time. It’s so unbelievable, little me-myself am going to work, actually work, in a huge European country! How lucky am I? Thanks life, karma, God, universe – I love you for giving me this!

Now it’s bedtime for me-myself, Paris will welcome me tomorrow with it’s charm and I can promise you that this trip will give you some great pictures just like the last one! Goodbye Norway, I will miss you and everyone in it.