Madrid adventure so far

by Line

As you all know I reached Madrid Friday evening where I got picked up and driven to my now new home. I have my own bathroom (no shampoo yet, but I guess I’ll buy that and a whole lot of other stuff tomorrow), my own room with two beds, a really low table with a really tall chair, a wardrobe and a mirror. It’s not Scandinavian standards, but I like it. I also have full access to the kitchen and the livingroom, and I’ve been recommended to have my breakfasts out on the balcony in the mornings by my new “mom”. I call her mom even though she’s just the houseowner and not a person I actual need to talk to or even see, because she’s really nice and she loves to talk. I have a feeling I might include myself in some daily routines after a while, like walking the really lazy dog, doing homework with my “sister” or helping out at the cafeteria/bar. There’s also a swimmingpool somewhere around here, and this time I’m really gonna work on my tan! My dads friend – who got me this job – has been so nice to me this short time and we’ve been eating, going out, he and his wife has presented me to their friends and I’ve been able to use the swimmingpool where they live right now as often as I want. Her brother also works at a swimmingpool-place, and said that I can come over whenever I want. My life is awesome!

About the language, I’m doing better than I would have thought. I have some Norwegian/Swedish contacts – which is nice – but most of the time I speak Spanish and people are amazed that I can talk that good after only eight months in Spain (sadly for me that didn’t make me pass the DELE-exam, and I have to figure out if I want to do it again or not). Tomorrow everyone in Madrid has a day off because of a fiesta-something, so I’m going to Salamanca to visit friends and “family”. I’m really excited and looking forward to see some familiar faces that can give me the hug I need. Right now I’m gonna hit the shower and put on a good movie, I have to be up rather early tomorrow.

So mom, friends, everyone – I’m doing fine. Norway is with me in my thoughts all day long, but my mood has risen a bit and even though I’m sad, I am a bit more positive and has stepped out of my bubble where everything was just passing by. And by the way, I have some projects going on too! I’m not sure how this is gonna work out yet, but when I know I’ll tell you all about it. Until then; we stand together, we are one, and I love you.