Paris went a little like this

by Line

Rain, the Eiffel Tower, the Montparnasse Tower, the Catacombs, Notre Dam, Arc de triomphe de l’Étoile, restaurants, laughter, Trocadero, and more laughter. 

It’s safe to say that we all knew it was gonna be a fun trip when it started with convulsive laughter right after the airplane landed in Paris. As every tourist do, the rest of the passengers applauded like nothing else mattered, and then my sister made it even worse; wooooooohoo! she screamed out loud, and my brother and I couldn’t do anything else then duck down an pretend we didn’t know her, of course. She also gave me two pieces of bubblegum with the following sentence; I rarely give away two pieces. But you’ll get two. I guess my breath was affected by the fact that I packed down my toothbrush the night before and didn’t have time to brush my teeth before we left. She’s really nice, my sister. As you can see of some of the pictures above, we slept whenever we could. In the taxi, on the airplane, metro, ferry, car.. you name it! Quoting my dad this time, he had this philosophical sentence coming up; a good soldier rests when he can. We had a tight schedule to follow and a lot of stuff we wanted to see so sleeping was a huge part of that plan. Thinking back I have a feeling we spent more time eating at different restaurants then actually going to touristsights, but it doesn’t matter because we had a great vacation. It was also raining every day except one when we were there, so just walking around and looking wasn’t especially interesting for any of us. More fun stuff that came up can be mentioned in short sentences; My brother got stung by a bee. My other brother has an app (one out of many) that said out loud I have diarrhea in french which made us laugh like youngsters. We laughed of every ginger we saw, and discussed who’s a day-walker and who’s a real ginger. We made fun of all the other Norwegians (who were just like us I guess). So far I’ve seen the Eiffeltower and been to the Louvre, and because that’s on my list I’ll say more about how that went under here;

The Eiffeltower
I don’t have much of a breath, so walking all the stairs up in the tower was a really hard experience for me. When we got to the top my knees had started to swell, and I had some trouble walking. In addition to that there are no tables to eat at on the second floor (the rest of my family kind of just passed the first floor and my mom and I had to follow..) so we bought food and sat down on the floor. Oh yes – the crazy family in action. When we got up there we also figured out that the ticketsale were closed for an hour so we stood in line, for an hour. When we got to the top my sister, brother and I had fun by putting our heads out over the edge taking in the view, while my big brother and dad stood as close to the wall as possible, more or less. All in all the tower was a good experience, but I want to go back another day when it’s sunny. Rain ruins a lot when you’re on vacation and I have a feeling it would be much better if it wasn’t raining as .. hell. The top floor was fun though, and standing in line with fun people can be pretty interesting too. Looking forward to next time!

Going to the Louvre was a fantastic experience for me. I’ve always been fascinated by art, more after art-history classes at school of course, and walking around in this enormous building was really inspirational. The Egyptian part was huge – so when the others got tired of looking at dead mummies we kind of ran across the whole museum to get to Mona Lisa, and then we went to eat. I’m not sure how many (or few) hours we spent in there and after a while I got tired too, but then something really weird happened; I got an insane energyboost! Comparing it to something more known would be saying that it was for me like a runners-high is for runners. It was so cool, and I’m definitively going back, better prepared with a more detailed map, greater knowledge of French and of course art in general. If there are some real nerds out there who knows a lot and can talk for hours, you are welcome to join me.

So, as you all know I finished my Paris-adventure on Friday, sitting at the air-port laughing my ass off because I was laughing my ass off. Logic? Nah, but the movie was fun, and me laughing out loud was also pretty fun.