Talking Spanish on the phone

by Line

Yesterday I went to Salamanca, and just as I thought – I’m feeling so much better now! Seeing familiar faces calmed something inside of me, and I was smiling all the two hour long traintrip back to Las Matas with new ideas of what I want to do with my life (mostly that means I’ve figured out that I want to travel even more and that I more than ever want to see the world). I went to a cafeteria with all my previous teachers – what’s that for Crew Special Kidz Isabel? – and then I had dinner with Rafael and we kept talking and talking, for four hours! I saw the old apartment again where I found tons of my stuff that I left (sadly the houseowner had thrown away the pictures that used to hang on the wall..) and of course I sweated as a .. let’s just say a lot. Salamanca is beautiful this time of year, and I’ve been invited back by Rafi and his new roommate, they told me I could sleep on the couch. If I can afford it I’m definitively going, especially because it makes my mood rise as.. let’s just say a lot!

Look what I’ve got Isabel – Coca-Cola is coming home with me this time! And your plant isn’t dead. Yet =)

Then back to the title, today I had my first day at work (yes, this blog will go back to what it started out as – a boring description of what I do when I work) and just after an hour I had to make a phonecall! I swear, I almost peed in my pants. At least I was pretty shaky, but I survived and the customer got the information he needed. Except for the terrible minute at the phone I did more or less the same as I once did at your work mom, filing and tidying stuff from several years ago. I also got to learn a program of some sort, and once I managed that I felt pretty good about myself, even though I probably smelled really bad and looked a bit shiny – it’s been so hot today. I’m almost drying up. I wish we could have a day with rain, but I don’t think that’s gonna happen. Later on I hope Patricia wants to show me where the swimming pool is, but I have a feeling that will be cold too – when I went swimming on Sunday it was 26 degrees in the water but I was freezing my ass off. It’s 36 degrees outside now by the way, not sure if that’s in the shadow or not – I wish I had an igloo either way.

Until next time, please enjoy the rain for me!