by Line

I know it’s pretty hard to believe that I, me and myself went out to sunbath today, but that’s the truth friends. I also combed my hair, that’s almost harder to believe I can imagine. I have also eaten today (not so hard to believe I hope), cereal. I eat a lot of cereal to tell you the truth, but that’s because I’m so lazy and don’t give my self time to make other food. Tomorrow I think I’m going for some dryfood-soup though, to spice it up a bit (I hope I get enough of everything a body needs, but I eat an apple a day too)! I would mind if you could send some tomatosoup with mozarella and macaroni by the way (this appeals to you, mum or Isabel). Oh and yeah I have to tell you, when I was on the bus back home after work, it just stopped and I got told that I had to go off – that equaled me (who wore jeans at the time) walking in the sun for 20 minutes. At some point I thought I was going to faint, it was over 30 degrees and I wore jeans. Stupid, stupid, stupid. At that time I wouldn’t mind someone farting (…) in my face just to make some movement in the air (yes I said it).

Reading my own post I see that it seems a bit.. angry, irritated, annoyed? So to clear that up – I’m in a great mood, I’m just really tired and am planning to go to bed after this! The best dad in the world (mine of course) turns 50 today, so I would be pleased if you could send him a nice thought too :) Btw, I have a palm-tree in my garden!!