A four-point update

by Line

First thing first, on Thursday I had to make an other call and I was frightened as hell and wanted to go hide in the bathroom instead of being out in the office. It took me about thirty minutes to man up and actually make the call and while I was talking with the man (I was about to order cardboard boxes by the way) my hands were shaking like a weak leaf in an autumn-storm. If I were my co-workers I would call myself “tremble” for the rest of my life. At some point I felt like crying to, but hell no I’m gonna show the rest that I’m that weak of a woman – I chose this, and I’ll do my best with every challenge that comes with it! Even the challenge of sitting two hours bored getting really good at folding paper into weird animals or other undefined shapes, who I once actually drove around on my desk almost making sounds to myself , but then I figured I’m a “grown up” and shouldn’t be doing that.

Second, I’m starting to get used to the heat. I don’t know if it surprises you, but it sure as hell surprises me! The thing is, everyday home from work I have to walk 25 minutes because the busdriver is a lazy, ugly-looking man with stupid glasses and never drives closer to home than that. Here comes the interesting fact – I always wear jeans to work because I’m always cold in the morning. If you didn’t get it already I’ll explain it better; 3:30pm, 35 degrees or more, me + jeans = a quick adaption to the heat. The other day it was 30 degrees and a bit cloudy, and I could walk to the store without even sweating, today it’s getting warmer and warmer – as any other day – and if everything turns out as it’s supposed to I’ll tan some more walking home (I have a feeling my feet will continue pale, hairy and scary though) and try not to burn my face anymore. Yes, I am actually getting some color in my face now, can’t wait to see how surprised you’ll look when I get back home!

Third thing on todays update; I had a really nice weekend. Friday I didn’t do anything except watching True Blood and eating chips and I liked it a lot, because even though I’m getting used to the heat it still makes me tired. Saturday passed a bit more boring, but then I was invited out by one of my colleagues and his girlfriend, a friend of theirs were celebrating his birthday. We partied on, I practiced my spanish and then we went home to sleep, “early” spanish-time; 4:00 am. On Sunday I went to El Prado with my dads friend and his family, we went to eat and once again I had octopus which I’m actually starting to like. It tastes weird in the beginning, but I assure you that you’ll like it after a while – as someone I know once said, you can’t say if you like something or not, until you’ve tasted it eleven times (apparently eleven times is how long it takes before your body gets used to something new). After eating we went over to a friend of theirs, and he had a swimmingpool! Those of you who know me well know that I love water, swimming and playing around, so it’s probably not surprising to say that I did as the kids; went swimming in my underwear. We spent hours in the pool, playing different games and enjoying the sun – this resulted in burned shoulders for me, but I guess it will as every other times I’ve gotten burned, turn out pretty nice and tan in the end.

Last I wanna say beforehand that I know my english is getting a bit messy, at least I am feeling it that way, but that’s just because my head is struggeling a bit with three languages at the same time, all the time. My Spanish is improving every day, but English and Norwegian that I know is getting a bit chaotic, more or less because I know it that well and doesn’t spend so much time thinking about it. Really, really last; yes I am at work, and I am bored.