Public transport in Madrid

by Line

I’m not sure whether I should say “public transport in Spain” or just talk about Las Matas where I live. Maybe I should go for Madrid in general, I have a feeling it’s pretty much the same, that be in the centre or here in one of the sub-urbs. Opinios are shared I guess, and we can’t put all the different transport-opportunities that is, in the same folder either, so I’m gonna start with the part that’s easiest to say something about.

The Metro
It always goes when it’s supposed to, the good ones have aircondition, it’s easy to understand the map, it’s cheap, information is good.. the list goes on. I’ve only experienced something “bad” with the metro once, and that was when it stopped at a station and we had to wait for ten minutes before it could continue – not excatly a problem, but it was packed and as a short person (yes I felt short at this moment, staring into people’s chests almost always give you this feeling) after a while I got to the point of feeling like fainting. Turned out good though, the metro continued and I got to the metro stop I wanted to. I smelled a bit like Pumba from Lion King of course, standing next to big Spanish men squeezed between a stomach here and a fat arm there isn’t excatly like being in a perfumestore – to tell you the truth. Except for this small incident, the metro always goes when it’s supposed to, and if there should be ongoing work, they’re really good at informing you of that too – not to worry, the metro is safe even for dummies.

The local train on the other hand, I wouldn’t recommend that easy to dummies, you see.. it goes, that’s for sure, but it doesn’t alway say where. That is one of the main reasons why I got stuck in nowhere last week, waiting 15 unnecessary minutes for the next train to arrive. It’s not my fault the train I was on said “next stop; Chamartin” (train station in Madrid). How could I know it doesn’t just turn and go the other way around again? I wouldn’t call myself a dummie, but okay, I might not be that smart always – so maybe I should have figured it would continue to Las Matas when none of the others went off. My point being; it’s not easy to figure out exactly where it goes, so if I were you I would check it up somewhere else first, to have an idea of how it works. It’s easy yes, really comfortable, clean and all that, but the minus goes to the information part – which can be confusing from time to time.

Here comes the devil, to put it that way. First of all, I’m not talking about companies like Avanzabus and others who drive far-distance (Málaga to Madrid for example) – they are some of the best public transports I’ve ever experienced in my entire life. No, I’m talking about the localbuses. The assholes, who seems to be like that no matter what country in Europe you go to. At least the drivers, they are all grumpy as a moldy potatoe and it seems like they don’t like the idea of smiling, they are more likely to look at you as you’re Gollum and want to steal his ring, just because you don’t have change. That’s the drivers, and even though it might be their fault that the buses aren’t always on time I will leave them today with the impression of being inferior amoebas instead. It’s a well know fact that buses are late almost all the time, and even though it says it will be there at 07:15, it doesn’t actually mean that it’s gonna be there at that excact time. It might be there at 07:45. At least that’s what I’ve learned after a week in Spain, using the bus to get to work. In the mornings it says that it’s gonna go every ten minutes, does it? No. It goes more or less every twenty minutes, if it’s not late of course, then it could be ten minutes until the next bus comes, if that is on time, that is. Then you have another problem, where does it go to? Once again it says that it’s gonna pass by my house and leave with a frequency of ten minutes, but does it? No.

I hope you’ve gotten some information out of this, and even though I might say that buses suck, at least they leave from time to time – that’s better than having to walk 6km to work every day. If I could choose, I would go by Metro of course, but that’s not an option when there’s no Metro-stop nearby. And if I wanna go on the Metro really bad I only live half an hour by Cercanias from Madrid. Have a nice day!