A career?

by Line

I’m not sure if you remeber my post “When I grow up”, but if you don’t you can read it here. There I wrote about how I don’t have any idea at all of what I wanna be later on, what I’m gonna do – and all that stuff that becomes boring when you’re not actually sure what to do. The thing is though, that lately I’ve been having this small feeling and maybe a tiny-piny vision of what I could enjoy doing as a full-time-job. I assume I got your attention now, right? It’s easy, but scary at the same time – I think I would like to be a museum-guide. I think it’s because I find it really fun and interesting being able to walk around for hours trying to teach others why this painting is like this, what kind of situation the painter was in when he made it, why they made architecture look like what it looks like and all that super-cool stuff. I have no idea where this interest for (mostly old) paintings, buildings and structure comes from, but what I do know is that I like it more than average people do.

After four years of really light art-studies (okay, so Spanish art-studies wasn’t the easiest I have ever done) I wanna know more. I know how fun it is going to a museum if you know a lot, and how boring it can be when you don’t know nothing. And I know there is a lot to learn, if I want I can study for years with new information every day, I can dig deep down in old archives and learn, and learn and learn some more. There are some problems though, the first is this; I’m so tired of studying I would rather eat snakepoop. The second is not so harsh and goes like this; I’m not sure if I would like it in the end. Spending tons of money and then.. doing something else. That wouldn’t be the end of the world though, I would end up with a lot of knowledge about art, and having art as a hobby isn’t that bad? Who knows, maybe I could get another offer and earn a ton of money just because I did some years studying art?

Then there is this other thing I think would be cool, teaching. Sounds a bit weird in my own ears, but lately I’ve been thinking about giving some English-classes for the kids in the sub-urbs here in Las Matas as an extra income, but also to learn how it is to teach something to someone. On top of that I know that there is a need for Spanish-teachers back home, and I would mind one-year or half-a-year trying to teach youngsters why it’s important to know other languages, Spanish- and Latin-American history and simple Spanish grammar. I know that I know enough to to both these things – for teaching Spanish in Norway it would be nice to pass the exam – and I think I would like it a lot. The first thing I have a feeling I’m gonna do is go look for interested kids and parents here in the neighborhood and see how much I could gain on having two or three kids a day, twice a week – and if it turns out good I wanna stay, save enough money to do the DELE-exam again (press the link for more information), do the exam, and go back home searching for a job as a Spanish-teacher.

I know this means that I’ll be gone longer than I thought, but those of you who miss me can come visit whenever you want! (I’m sorry Isabel, I’ll tell you when things are for sure, love youuu).