Working my ass off

by Line

Last time I told you something about my job it was all filing and pure happiness, I felt needed and from time to time they taught me how things work, for example making orders, create invoices, different computersystems they use here, how the coffeemachine work – that kind of office-stuff I don’t mind learning more about. Who knows if I might need it one day, it wouldn’t be bad having some experience like that on my CV (especially if it were to be in Norway, I can already imagine the conversation; oh that, no you see I learned that when I was working at an office in Spain when I was 19. Yeah, it was in Spanish but I think I can translate it, no prob). I don’t know why but lately that’s how I answer all the questions that pop up into my head; “I might need it someday” or “I might learn something from this that will make me rich, beautiful and famous”. Enough about that, an experience is an experience, at least that is certain (now what we learn or do because of this experience, is an entirely different thing, but I wont write an essay about that right now).

My job has changed a bit though, last Thursday until this Thursday. Friday was my first day waiting for stuff to do. Monday the second. Tuesday I stayed home sick, but Wednesday.. You get the picture. It’s not that I actually mind having some time to myself, my thoughts and my boredom, but I moved from all my friends and family to get this job, and it would be a bit sad if all they can give me is six hours a day staring into a computerscreen wondering where to find time-killing stuff this day (today I started reading Midnight Sun (press the link to find the 12 published chapters) by Stephenie Meyer even though I told my self I wouldn’t read it before the whole book were done and published, can’t you see what this boredom is doing to me?). At this very moment I am waiting for the acting boss, as the “real” boss is on vacation with his family, but it doesn’t seem like he will be here today either. That, or I have mixed up some names extremely bad. I really hope he’ll be here tomorrow though, because my situation makes me wanna talk to him pretty bad – I don’t feel it’s right that they are paying me for sitting here day in and day out, more or less spending all my time writing blogposts for you guys (but I must say, the content seems to have reached a higher standard over the last couple of days).

As I said further up in this post, everything is an experience, and it’s up to you what you wanna do with it. I’m not sure what I’m gonna do with this exact experience yet, but at least I’ll have some interesting stories to tell my grandchildren – when I’m not racing Isabel with my superawesome, electric wheelchair, arguing about whose haircolor is the most attractive; hers pale blue with orange stripes or mine Cruella DeVil-style. I would win, easily.