by Line

I have four or five drafts waiting for you, but because I actually had something to do all day yesterday I never got the chance to post them, or finish them for that matter. I have a feeling not working at work is the best place for me to write blogposts, because when I’m home I don’t really get the inspiration I need. There so much more I can do you know. Laying in bed listening to music for example. Or watching TV-series, staring at the roof, wonder why I’m here in the first place – stuff like that. I wish there were grass in the garden, so I could lay there with a good book or listening to music while watching the clouds pass by with funny shapes, but there’s nothing else than sand there. And the dog of course.

It’s getting more and more obvious to me why I need to work, or have something to do – I get so apathetic when I don’t have anything smart to spend my days with. I more or less do nothing, and by that I mean nothing. That part of nothing that if someone asks you what you did and you answer nothing, you answer it because you don’t remember doing anything important. It’s not that I’m not having a good time here, living by myself and not knowing that many people, it’s just those two days Saturday and Sunday I sometimes feel that I don’t need to live a fulfilling life. They don’t give me anything, or.. that’s wrong. They give me an opportunity to do whatever I want, and that’s kind of hard sometimes. It’s only been two weeks though, I think I’ll get better at being creative after a while.

To not make you worry so much more about that, I think I’ll go in to Madrid for a while, and today I’m gonna bring a book. Looks so much better sitting at Starbucks alone with a book than without. Ooh life – I think I like it :)