THE purse

by Line

I didn’t bring a book with me, just because I figured I was too lazy to actually carry it around – my plan was to buy a purse either way and even though I thought that would be mission impossible all over, I actually found a nice one this time. One I think I can actually use. I always think that it’s gonna be mission impossible whenever I’m looking for a new purse (now it sounds like I go looking for a new purse on a regular basis – I don’t), mostly because I don’t like them no matter how they look like, but this time ladies and gentlemen – this time I found a nice one. It took me over one freakin’  hour to find it, and that made me spend another 20 euros on a pair of shorts. I think I needed another pair though, this one has the perfect length, doesn’t look like it’s been one too many times in the washing machine and can be used in different settings – isn’t it fantastic? After that frustrating hour of shopping I felt like I deserved to do something really nice, so I went to the park and sat down by the pond – took off my top, put on the radio and sunbathed for half an hour. After that some not-nice clouds came and destroyed my view so I went back home. And that’s when I proved for the rest of the world that I sometimes can be really stupid. I forgot to get off the train, and suddenly I was heading back for Madrid again. The end of the story; It took me more or less one hour and a half to get back, a trip that’s usually not more than thirty minutes.

Change of topic, I talked with my boss yesterday – and you can still call me tremble. I’m not exactly sure why I always start to shake like a snake whenever I have to talk to bosses or talk Spanish on the phone, but I hope it stops soon. First of all it’s embarrassing if someone’s around and second of all I always mess up what I want to say because I’m too focused on my shaking hands. It turned out nice though, I hope I left him with the impression of being someone who likes to work and wanna be good at what they do, at least I got to tell him that I want to do my best and that I don’t care if the job is boring as long as I can do something. Yay me, being a grown up!

About that.. My youth died yesterday. Really, it just ended, my childhood – no more. There were music too, and I had tears in my eyes. Yes, of course I went to see Harry Potter, finally! But really, it was sad. I didn’t have anything to do, so I figured “why not go to the movies all alone?” and because I’m probably the slowest person in the world and still hadn’t seen HP7 part 2, the choice was pretty easy. I didn’t remember anything from the book, so I was really excited about what would happen in the end, and then it just.. ended. Twice. I must say everyone looked pretty grown up in that last part, except for Hermione who looks stunning as always. She’ll always be Hermione, mwahahaha. (Gosh, I’m getting really tired now). The sad thing about going to the movies alone is that you can’t discuss the film before, during or after it’s on. I wanted to text Isabel and tell her how stupid Voldemort sounds in Spanish but I couldn’t afford it, so it was really going to the movies alone. It was good though, so no complaining from me. Just a bit sad that I’m not a child anymore.

Okay, so I’ll go to bed now – beware that parts of this post might get changed tomorrow when I can see clearly and are not tired. Good night!