Lazy life

by Line

There is something about this nice office chair and this nice office desk that just shoots my inspiration to heaven. Even though I’m not the secretary, not even trying to be her – sometimes I feel like I am either way, because everyone that comes in with post and stuff like that, they just assume that I’m the summer-temp who knows how to do this job. I don’t. I just need a spot to put my fine little ass when I’m not working, or when I need access to be able to work. As you might understand I’ve been having stuff to do at work the last couple of days – that’s why there haven’t been updates on what I’ve been doing. Writing posts at home always turn out depressing and desperate, so I try to keep away from it unless I’m in a really, really good mood. Now it might sound like I haven’t been writing because I’ve been in a bad mood, but that’s not how it is, it’s just the fact that writing a blogpost at home makes me go into a sad mood without knowing why. So I keep away from it, unless, as I said, I’m really, super happy.

On Sunday my houseowner (“mom” which is so much easier to say) brought me to the public swimmingpool. No one were at the entrance so I went in for free – pretty nice! We met some of her friends there and just chilled and went swimming, and when the pool closed we hit the sauna. Have I mentioned that the friends I actually do have here, are all 30+? The majority of course, is 40+, but that sounds so much more sad, so I stick with 30+. I don’t mind it that much actually, having someone to talk to doesn’t depend on age, and all of them are nice people I can practice my Spanish with. Sometimes I miss talking to people my own age though, like talking Isabel’s brain out a slow Sunday evening or hearing mom say over again a Friday after work “who put another dime in your jukebox this time?“. I have two options of changed personality when I get back home; Either I’m gonna say nothing because I’m so used to my own daydreaming company, or I’m gonna be even worse than earlier and talk you all to death (there is a third opportunity of something in between those two too, but I don’t think that’s a likely option). You see, when I’m not focused on work, my brain is actually half-way shut off. It’s like when you put your computer on sleep-mode. There’s nothing I have to think about or do, no huge responsibilities I need to take care of, no homework, no promises made to no-one, I really just have to think about myself. After a while that gets boring, so instead of being bored (I hate using that expression, it just shows how my imagination and fantasy and creativity died with my youth) I start daydreaming.  Daydreaming often turns into sleeping, and sleeping makes the days pass by so fast. Yesterday I fell asleep at 07:00pm and slept until 07:00am this morning. It sounds like a perfect life, but it’s more as I said; power save mode – you don’t get much out of it.

Wow, that was some digression, I was gonna tell you more about what I’ve been doing the last couple of days. Monday I figured I needed to buy a Spanish cellphone, so I went to Heron City (you seriously have to pronounce this the Spanish way unless it’s not fun; jhhhheeeron city) and found Las Rozas Village, where all the famous brands like Calvin Klein, Diesel, Burberry, Ray Ban and so on, are situated in a small “village” – and it’s crazy cheap all year round. When I told Isabel she automatically thought of Turkish markets, but it’s nothing like that at all. Next time I get loads of money I know where I’m gonna go shopping, to tell you the truth. Vans t-shirts for less than 20 euros? Count me in!
When I got back home from this miracle-discovery of mine, I went to the pool on my own and discovered something else.. It costs 3,50 to go in to the area with grass, pool and sunbeds to lay on. This means minimum swimming for me as I’m almost broke, and I have to go back to sunbathing in the garden with the dog who has gotten used to me and has figured out it’s fun to jump up on the bed with me while licking my face. I guess I have to see the positive in this, I’m getting tan (even though it feels like I stopped.. Tomorrow I’ll stay in the sun for an hour and see if there’s any difference just to be sure).
Yesterday as I said, I was sleeping like a baby after seven, and before that I only had time to wash my clothes, do the dishes and make mashed potatoes for dinner, so it isn’t really something to write about. I talked Spanish on the phone again though, but it was really short and as I really was sleeping I’m glad my subconsciousness is starting to learn the language as well; it was my boss who said I could ride with him to work this morning too. I remember I said “okayreallygoodthankyou” in one sentence and then hung up. “Patting my own shoulder”.

Today I kinda wanna go to the center and sit down at Starbucks in one of the windowspots while I continue my almost-a-thousand-pages book about Spanish history and drinking Mocca Blanco, but my laziness might refuse. I should do something though, as I slept twelve hours last night I have more than enough energy to drag my sorry ass to Madrid to make it look like I have a life (no myself, the fact that you twisted your ankle the other day does not stop you from going). And I need some food too, preferably something with meat in it which is not Burger King, KFC or McDonalds. The thing is, warm food in this weather is so hard to eat – I’m warm enough as it is. I think it will work out though, and if I don’t want hot food after all, I can just go to the store and by some more Philadelphia for my crackers (best translation I could find for the word “knekkebrød”).

Right now, as it seems like I have to wait some more before there’s more I can do here at the office (when I’ve asked everyone three times already if they have anything I can help them with, the fourth time just turns out embarrassing) and I’m gonna continue reading Midnight Sun. It’s getting so interesting! Have a good day ya’ll!