by Line

I never thought I would say this, but Thank God It’s Friday. For some reason that are still unknown to me, I am so tired. I don’t want to wake up tomorrow because my alarm goes off, I don’t want to get out of my room who, because of some still unknown reason, turns out to be the inside of an oven during the night – which again makes everything outside of it freaking cold. I don’t want to wake up knowing that I have to go out of bed, or else I’ll be late for a day of work (somehow I’ve stopped considering it work). And I, who usually love to go to work! Maybe it’s because I like to work, not just be at work. So yes, I am really happy the weekend is here even though I don’t have any specific plans just yet, except for going into Madrid again, spending hours reading The Hand of Fatima by Ildefonso Falcones. Tomorrow I think I’ll drop potatoechips and pay those 3,50 euros it costs to get into the public-pool area though, I can’t go on in this heat without getting tan or being able to swim!

The getting a tan part is actually a competition between a friend of mine and me, and I have no intentions to lose, no matter how boring sunbathing can be. I have a feeling my color is much more golden-ish now than it were when I got here three weeks ago, but I’m unable to see it myself. Therefore I will not stop dragging my ass out in bikini letting the sun bake me ready to eat, before I am certain that I have won. If I just had liked sunbathing it would have been easy, and even though I like it more now than earlier and actually have the ability to enjoy it, three days in a row makes me pretty bored. I think I need a beach to be able to get tan, because there I can run around in the water all day and get some color at the same time, here I have to lay in the desert-garden pretending not to feel the sweat that runs down my chest after ten minutes. But I’m not complaining if you get that feeling now (but hey, when autumn and winter comes, please do notice that I never, as in never ever, complain because I think it’s too cold. I prefer it like that) I’m just trying to get used to the heat here. Next week the forecast says 35 to 40 degrees in the shadow, so I’ll spend the weekend getting ready.

Last two hours at work today, I’m gonna spend my time struggling through this novel by Charles Dickens. If I finish it, I’ll continue with “Emma” by Jane Austen. At least I get the opportunity to read some classics while I’m here :)