by Line

As you might have noticed by now – if you’ve been following this blog for a while that is – I can be pretty weird from time to time, and I like sharing it with you (which probably just make me even more pathetic, but I like it so that’s okay). Now you are warned and can continue reading at your own risk.

As far as I’ve understood, normal people go back inside when it starts to thunder so bad the ground is shaking, when the rain is bouncing off the ground and when lightning spreads across the sky. Me myself on the other hand go out on the balcony with the biggest grin you can imagine! The smile tries to work it’s way around my head, that’s how happy I get when it starts to thunder and raining like it did yesterday. I think I spent more or less two hours just looking at the sky and feeling the raindrops on my body. Wow, how I’ve missed the rain! Today my plan was to spend the entire day at the pool, but when I woke up some clouds shut out the sun so I’ve been spending the day out here on the balcony instead. I also made myself some real dinner today – chicken soup.

At the moment I’m trying to find some worthy information online on how to teach English for beginners the best possible way, but I’m distracted by everything else you can find online (Skype for example). What I’ve got so far seems pretty good though, and of course I have my own ideas how to make this work. The only thing I’m struggling with is how to begin, but as I have some good, fantastic friends studying to be teachers I’ve asked them their opinion! I have a feeling this is gonna work out perfectly, and if I am lucky I’ll get a second job and I’ll be rich in an instant (at least rich enough to go to Oktoberfest in September, which I really, really want to). As soon as I put the posters up this won’t just be a dream anymore, it will be a working reality that I’m excited to see how’s gonna work out.

But seriously, wow. Gonna make them posters now, eat some more soup and go to bed.