Volunteerworking my ass off

by Line

As I told you the pilgrims has arrived, and when 180 pilgrims wants food – you need a shit load of potatoes. Someone has to peel these potatoes, because potatoes with skin is not very popular. Billion dollar question; Who do you call if you need someone to peel 15 kg of potatoes? No need for me to answer that question myself, but my hurting fingers might want a say in this; We don’t like peeling potatoes for three and a half hours, it gives us blisters!

Well, enough about peeling potatoes. Yesterday mom called me earlier than expected because she needed someone to help out in the kitchen, and as the young, happy and healthy person I am I said yes and put on my workingshoes. My first impression of Italian boys were.. well, let’s just say they all looked nerdy and it didn’t help when they “secretly” started to take my picture without even asking. It probably didn’t help that I couldn’t stop smiling of how stupid they were, so now some nerdy-looking Italian probably has my picture over his bed and will always remember Spain as the land of pretty girls. After that I had some well-needed hours of relaxing and eating a lot (they seemed to give me everything the kitchen could make, and after a while I got pretty full), and then I talked with more random people that in some way have a connection with the cafeteria and mom, and then somewhat have a connection with me. I also got to feel like a jerk standing behind the bardesk without knowing what to do, so when mom’s sister (I’m not sure if I should call her aunt, getting to familiar here..) said it was time to go to the other place and put up tables and all that comes with giving food to hungry pilgrims, I was happy as a fool. Then the other Italians arrived (the real ones, I’m still not sure if the firsts ones actually were Italians or not, at least they weren’t Spanish or English), and let me tell you, I didn’t walk around smiling this time because they were stupid, oh no. These Italians brought some of the nicest looking guys I have ever seen in my entire life! So I poured soda into glasses and sold waterbottles with my sexiest smile (that you’ve probably never seen, hehe) and got some really nice smiles back. If it made my day worth it? Totally.

At eleven thirty I was back in bed, pretty satisfied with a workingschedule counting eleven hours. I’m not sure if I’m needed today (meaning I’m not sure if there will be a haircut or not), but first of all I have to be here at the office until three. Pretty hard challenge, but I think I’ll manage. Have a nice day!