The hairdresser from hell

by Line

Yesterday I went straight to Madrid to get that haircut my hair’s been wanting since Christmas, and the only word that comes to my mind to describe what it felt like afterwards, is this; Seriously? It looks like something my worst enemy could have done to my hair to hurt my feelings, or something a child would do to her Barbiedoll because she doesn’t know better (or something I would do myself with a scissor from the kitchen if I was broke, needed a haircut and were bored at the same time). Did I pay 10 euros for that? Okay so the hairdresser was the hottest one I’ve ever seen, but he also managed to accomplish being the most reckless one I have ever met, almost pulling out my Industrial with a comb and pinching my scalp instead of massaging it nice and smooth when he was about to wash my hair. That should give me a reduced price, not a “there you go beautiful, nice” after ten minutes. And about that, I guess the offer “ten euros” missed one line “10 euros, 10 minutes“. In, out, done – and we’re not at all leaving you satisfied. In fact, that asshole didn’t even bother to dry my hair afterwards. He just left it dripping. The moral of this story is; If you ever wanna cut your hair in Madrid, don’t do it here at Principe Pio. Just don’t.

To dry my hair myself, I figured I could do a little walk out in the sun and I don’t regret it at all. The city is full of happy people because of JMJ and whenever one group of pilgrims meet another group of pilgrims from the same country they start to sing and shout different slogans. As the easy-affected person I am this raised my mood pretty fast, and as soon as my hair got dry I put it back into a ponytail where it loves to be and I was happy again (meaning; not killing the hairdresser from hell in my mind any longer). I was walking around for a while, and trust me – they really are everywhere. They are easy to see too, with their hats, smiles and cool t-shirts (which I would love to get my hands on – t-shirts, not whatever came to your mind) and I’m glad I’m here to experience it!

When I got back home and thought my day was gonna be yet another of those boring “waiting for a new episode to download”-kinda evenings, mom called and said they needed help in the cafeteria again. So there I was, working from nine to one, sometimes feeling I didn’t know enough to actually help out, other times feeling completely lost – but all of the time feeling happy that they call me when they need help and that I had something to occupy my thoughts with. I’ve also added another familymember to my imaginary life of close and dear ones, a cousin this time. He is the cutest kid and even though he can be annoying when you’ve been working double days and know that you’ll only get four hours of sleep until you have to get up and go to work again, I know that I’m gonna miss him so much when my time comes to leave. It’s also more fun to learn languages around kids, they never stop talking and always wants you to join in – even though it means they have to explain it to you real thoroughly first. My first friend under 26 guys, be proud!

Right now I’m just happy that I managed to keep my eyes open all day – sometimes it’s been really hard and I’m so glad I can leave the office in about.. five minutes. I’ll try not to fall asleep on the bus, and tomorrow I’ll tell you all about how I thought I was late when my alarm went off for the third time this morning and how my heartbeat was beating as if it really was a drum at a rock-concert. I’ll probably tell you more about work too, but I hope that’s something you’ve gotten used to. Enjoy your day peeps!