48 hours in Norway

by Line

When it comes to not telling someone that I bought them the coolest birthdaypresent ever, and then later on actually telling them what it is before I give it to them – I am the best. It’s the same thing with surprises, I’m usually really good at spilling if I know it will make a lot of people happy, so keeping my mouth shut the last two weeks was really hard. Especially when my dad called on Friday and asked if I was on my way home. My answer sounded like this “am I?” because I was actually on my way home, I had just left the airport and gotten picked up by Isabel who were kind enough to drive me home. Fortunately he was asking if I was on my way home from work here in Spain, and lies upon lies I managed my way out of it, so two hours later he was pretty surprised when I got home and screamed out a great hello. I hadn’t told my brother either, so trying to act chill I was greeted by a smooth “hellooo”. I know that he was happy to see me though, and my first hours back home were just like the rest of my weekend; fantastic. I don’t regret spending 160 euros to see family and friends, if so only for 48 hours, and this is why I had the best weekend in ages;

First I got to catch up with Isabel and talk a huge hole in her head while she drove me home, I’ve missed that so much – nothing gets me in a better mood than being with the happiest person I know. Then I had a nice Friday-dinner just as the old days with every familymember present – how I’ve missed the stupid comments, topics and not to mention my sisters extremely awkward laughter who makes you laugh yourself either you want to or not. It’s hard to describe, but I would say it’s somewhat like the sound a mix between a pig and a giraffe would make if it would laugh with an orange stuck in it’s throat. After that I had to change a lightbulb in my car (I am a real handywoman – actually known as the man of Isabel’s life – and do these kind of things myself) and because one of my friends had complained about how boring it was working all alone at a gas-station, I hit two birds with one stone and had a nice chat with him while I did what have to be done – my car is like my baby and needs care. Then I continued the original plan (who actually was really spontaneous and not planned at all) and went to Benedicte’s house and got a nice cup of coffee and a real update of the last, many months. I hadn’t seen her since may, and then we didn’t even have time to discuss half of what has been going on the last year, so I spent two wonderful hours there too. Then again I didn’t not continue with the original plan because I got a text when I was almost home, and ended up spending an other hour or so watching the stars down at the beach (this sounds way more romantic than it’s supposed to, but the beach, the stars and the view is a huge part of why I love where I live back home). When I got back home our guests for the weekend had arrived and I spent yet another hour talking with family and nice people before I hit my fantastic, all loving, best in the whole world-bed, and I tell you, lying under the covers and a fleeceblanket just listening to the sounds from the woods outside my window is one of the reasons why I sleep so well when I’m home. It’s worth trying out if you come visit!

Saturday started as it had to, I was up earlier than the rest of the family even, at eight o’clock – because when you’re home only for 48 hours, sleep isn’t the biggest issue (even though I have the perfect bed, as I told you). I got in my car and drove to my grandparents house to surprisevisit – I hadn’t told them either, they were leaving for Croatia but I got breakfast and a nice chat (and some well needed money, thank you grandma, now I won’t starve this week either!). I continued my day and drove out to my old work at the Marina where I got coffee and promises of work if I ever decide to come back home soon. It’s so nice to know that you’ve been a good employee, and when I, on top of that, loved working there I just couldn’t not go visit when I had time. An hour into a nice conversation with my old boss my mom sent me a message and asked for help to do the tables, after all my primary reason for going home was attending my dad’s birthdayparty, so I helped out there for a while, and then I released the crazy. Just kiddin’, no not really. I went swimming. The water wasn’t at all that bad, 19 degrees actually, but the wind and the not so warm air-temperature made it a rather freezing experience. It was refreshing though, and as I love swimming I wouldn’t be without it! Then we made home to fix ourselves with a nice shower, make up, dresses, high heels and a huge fight with my hair that the hairdresser from hell ruined for me last week, and were ready for nice people, good food and happy-hour. Forty people were gathered and with Isabel and Tiril helping out in the kitchen the birthday turned out great. We sang, there were speeches and we talked, but because I was the taxi-driver for the evening I figured I could attend an other party as I was home so I went to Thomas’ cabin and spent some nice hours talking with the coolest people I’ve met all summer. Time passed and it was time to go back to duty, I drove people to their homes, and when I was on my way to Sandefjord to drive my big-brother back to his bed I got a message from a friend who figured I was driving so I picked him up too. As he knows my dad and is really fun when he’s drunk he managed to promise my dad that he would get me safe to the airport the day after (more about that further down here) and the we drove them home, I drove him home – and got three hours of sleep that night!

Once again I got up at eight, no need to sleep more than needed when I could sleep on the plane (not at all pleasant when you’re flying with Ryanair by the way) and drove to visit Bettina. It was really nice to see her again – as it always is, and then I was hungry so I picked up my now hangover friend and went home for the all so famous Sunday-breakfast at home. Just as Friday-dinners, Sunday-breakfasts are seriously worth living at home for. Food on the table, nice atmosphere and you can go back to bed after if you want to. I miss that a lot too, come to think about it. Anyways, after the sad goodbyes and best wishes I got in my car and drove myself to the airport accompanied by my hangover friend. It was actually pretty nice to drive myself, I love driving and even though I hate ferries everything turned out great and I didn’t bump into any cars.

When I got to Madrid the plane was delayed due to thunder (imagine almost not seeing the four towers Isabel, just lighted up by lightening – awesome!) but when I got out it was some good 35 degrees and I felt that I was on my way home again. Unfortunately I was so tired that I fell asleep on the train and woke up when we passed my station, so I had to use an extra half hour to get home. At least I got home safe, and work today was really boring and I don’t have access to a computer anymore, but I’ll try to update you from home either way! As you might see the posts get more and more boring in the end, but I’ll try to make them worth reading. Have a good week people, until next time!