It’s Tuesday

by Line

I’ve been moved around a bit, so I have access to a computer again, meaning the post I deleted will now come in an edited and better version, and of course with some additional information. For those of you who read it you know that I was drinking Tinto de Verano at work last week, and I tried my best to make Isabel envious, because we’ve always been talking about how nice it would have been if we could buy it online and get it home-delivered. I’m not sure if that worked, but it sure tasted fantastic. As I am currently staying away from alcohol I think I will buy a bottle of that – it tastes the same but is alcohol-free.

The last couple of days I’ve been going to work by bus, and by doing that I’ve figured out something quite strange; when I set my alarm to go off at 06:00 am, it’s way easier to go out of bed than if I put it at 07:00 am. You would think it would be easier when I can sleep an hour longer, but somehow it’s just the opposite. I find this experience really nice, because if I manage to continue my routine with getting up that early my days will be so much longer and I’ll have time to do so much more. Even if it’s just going to the library or going for a run before it gets too hot, and the best thing; if I’m not working it’s a perfect time to skype with my friends from Montana, it will be morning for me, but evening and a great time for online-catching-up for them! An other good thing about having to go by bus at seven o’clock in the morning is that it gives me time to go to a cafeteria nearby work and have a cup of coffee together with some churros before entering the office. I don’t feel very affected by the coffee her, it’s not the same way as coffee back home wakes you up and then you can’t sleep even if you really want to, but it tastes good, better than the one back home even, and the churros works as my breakfast and I don’t know any breakfast that can be better than those.

To continue the food-subject, SuperSol (“my” supermarket in Las Matas) is closed due to renovation and the other smaller supermarket close by is also closed when I get home after work. On top of that the cafeteria will be closed for a week from today, so I’m not really sure what I’m gonna do about food the next couple of days (I am really lazy and don’t like making food to only myself). I have a feeling it will work itself out, and just to be sure not to starve I’ll go to the store where I work and buy milk so I can continue my cereal-diet and make myself some of that tomatoesoup Isabel sent me last week (with chocolate, nothing tastes as good as Norwegian chocolate). Who knows, maybe I’ll find something really nice and end up eating home made food for a week, because I can make food, I just don’t like it that much, and I’m scared that if I make to much it will turn out bad before I have a chance to eat it all – and that again will be a waste of money, so I’m eating cereal and am pleased with that. Like I told you hot food doesn’t appeal to me in this heat either way so it’s a win-win situation (if you are able to see it from my peculiar point of view).

I’m not so tired today as I were yesterday (I couldn’t even try to stay awake by surfing the internet, so I was sitting on a chair looking at a desk trying my best not to fall asleep, and it was really hard – I felt like two of the worlds strongest men were trying to drag my eyelids down to the ground floor, or maybe even the basement), but today is Tuesday and so far that’s something we’ve been noticing here at the office. Before you go ask “what’s so bad about Tuesday?” I’ll be kind and tell you what I know. There’s a lot of people that blame the vikings and nordic countries for making Tuesday, and the 13th especially, a really bad day, but this also counts for Friday the 13th – if not even more for this day, who at maximum can happen three times a year, and then again, Tuesdays are not commonly known as “unlucky”. As far as I’ve been told and remember from when I got told the story, Tuesday being bad had more to do with the Bible and maybe even Jesus being crucified that day than mean vikings and Norse mythology. Anyways, no matter how the story goes, “es Martes” (it’s Tuesday) is a common expression if something goes bad, not depending what date it is as long as it’s Tuesday (I remember Isabel used to say this whenever she’d forgotten her homework on a Tuesday) – and today it’s been used a lot in the office. First of all, our coffeemachine is broken, and that makes certain people who needs their coffee more at the edge than usual. Then you can imagine the internet not working properly, and suddenly one of the most used programs stops working. They’ve already called for help and there is a guy here trying to fix the problem, but it seems to be quite difficult. And what am I doing in all this? Not much actually, depending if you count staring out the window an activity or not.

I am actually starting getting used to not doing anything, which is kind of scary because if it turns into a habit we all know bad habits are the worst ones to get out of. I am certain that I’ll have more to do at my next job though, so I’m not worrying. If there should be something to worry about it would be when pay-day is, but I think that will work out fine too. Hasta la vista, baby – maybe there’ll be two posts today, I still got three and a half hours left!