Why I can’t wait for winter

by Line

All this time I get to myself everyday at the office, or when I am sitting out on the balcony at home, often make my mind wander in strange directions – and lately I’ve been thinking about how nice it would be to stay in Norway this winter. You must think someone dropped me when I was a baby or that I hit my head against the wall on a daily basis or something like that, but I don’t (hit my head against a wall, getting hit by my “cousin” is something entirely different and it happens everyday). Last year I didn’t have any real winter at all, and I never had the chance to just sit in front of the fireplace with a blanket, a good book and a cup of chocolate when it was snowing like crazy outside. I didn’t have time to force myself out to a cafeteria to feel how nice it is going inside, order a cup of coffee, read a book and not at all wanting to leave when it closes because it’s so cold outside. I didn’t have time to sit down listening to nice, calm music like Yiruma while looking out the window and enjoy just being there. I didn’t have time to lay in bed with a warm, nice person close to me while feeling the cold chill drifting from the window being happy that I wasn’t outside. I didn’t have time to walk outside for such a long time that my cheeks turned red and frozen, only wanting to get home as fast as I could because I knew a warm bath were waiting for me. I didn’t have time to put on as much warm clothes as possible just to go outside being able to look at the stars being at their prettiest during winter. I didn’t have time to build snowlanters that would light up the balcony and send a beautiful glow into the livingroom if I would turn all the lights off inside. I didn’t have time to sit inside being comfortably warm under a blanket watching my favourite Christmas-movies on television yet again with a cup of chocolate and a good friend next to me, falling asleep and then wake up because it was getting colder and we forgot to put more wood in the oven, but that would be okay because it would still be warm under the blanket and the candles on the table would be burning still making the atmosphere magical and winter-y.

But am I sad about it? No I am not, because I know that when I go home for the winter this time, not just for nine days during Christmas as last year, I will appreciate everything so much more. I will jump around being happy as a kid when the first snow falls, I will look at this post and make sure I do everything at least twice if not more, I will go skiing with my mom, I will take my time to enjoy life, knowing that the lonely person at the table next to you and your friends is not at all lonely, he is happy in his own presence, and probably more pleased with his winter than you are. I will continue teaching myself why plans like these are good even though they don’t fall through, I know now that they make me happy. And I can’t wait for winter to come, I will make it the best winter I had in years, and I really hope you will do the same, and stop complaining about how cold and unwelcoming your country is during winter – you and only you are the only one who can make your winter just as nice and full of memories as your wonderful summers.