Useless information about work, plans and moles

by Line

Yesterday I had a really nice day actually, even though I was pretty tired and on top of that I’m getting sick (I swear, the Spanish people must think I’m from the warmest place on earth or something, they walk around in t-shirts and I walk around in a sweater and scarf and am freezing like I was from the north pole – there goes my viking nickname..). At work I had a lot of stuff to do, and even though it can be pretty boring I don’t mind much as long as I have something to do, I like spending my days using my hands. When I got home my little cousin (who I figured out is 8 years old – there’s the explanation to the hitting me-part) asked if I wanted to join them to the pool, and as I didn’t have anything better to do I went with and we spent some nice hours in the sun, swimming and eating icecream. Later on I was invited with them to eat, and because they’ve closed the cafeteria and I’m almost out of food I said yes with a smile! (I’ve actually bought cheese and milk now, so I’m not starving anymore, but either way). My day passed really fast, and there were no surprise when I figured out I had overslept this morning. I got to work at 8:30 though, and now I am here waiting to be able to go back to my warm and nice bed! I don’t feel good at all and I am sitting here with my scarf trying not to look ill. I am very ready to spend this day either 1) sleeping in the sun, or 2) watching tv-series while eating cereal with m&m’s. Good thing I’m already half-way through.

Other maybe more interesting information, is that I have decided to go back to Norway next week. I know it’s a bit contradictory, but here’s the thing; last week I figured out I wanna go to Canada to visit Laurence, and to be able to do that I need some money. To gain a lot of money the best option is to go back home to work. So the next months you’ll find me trying to work my ass off at the Marina or in the kindergarden where I live, or maybe I even find a new place I can work even more. Now you might be thinking “but what about English-classes?“. Yes, I have that all figured out too, of course. I’ve talked to my “mom” and she will be looking for possible students, it’s not season for starting classes now either way, and I will be looking for people who want to spend time in Madrid and need a place to stay. If you are interested and want to get more information, send me an e-mail at She is a really, really nice person, the location is perfect with Cercanias only two minutes to walk from the house – and from there you have easy access to the airport, busstations and trainstations and can easily travel to whatever part of Spain you want to. The rooms are in the basement, and if you ask me I recommend it. So go ahead and send me an e-mail and we’ll talk!

Other than that I’m a bit mood-y now a days, just yesterday I figured out I have a mole that’s starting to look not-so-good and that’s why my back has been hurting that much the last couple of weeks. I’ll check it as soon as I get home, but it’s not the worrying part that’s the worst, it actually hurts. I hope it’s nothing and that I can be free from this annoying “hip-pain” soon, and until then I’ll try not to keep it out in the sun that much. I hope you all, where-ever you are, are having a good day, evening or morning, and I promise I’ll try to write some posts soon with an actually content and maybe with that humour I have that I know you all love.