by Line

Yesterday was a beautiful day, but I figured I should get out of the house too, not just sit inside and not enjoy my last days of summer before I go back to fall and rain, so I grabbed the book I’ve borrowed from “mommy” and I headed to Madrid. Sadly my last money weren’t enough to buy me a Mocca Blanco at Starbucks, but I was lucky and had just enough for a Caffe Latte and yet again I stayed another hour reading and watching people. After that I went to the Metro, but found my self standing half an hour just listening to some of the streetmusicians outside instead. Fortunately I wasn’t in a rush and got on the train later on instead (no I did not faint again). Lastly I finished my book and now I’m really proud that I’ve actually read an entire book (and understood it all) in Spanish and I recommend it to everyone; The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. Tomorrow I’m going to Toledo to visit an old friend of mine, and then I’m going back home to pack my bags. C’ya!