by Line

My birthday is coming up, and this year I’ve actually come up with some really good wishes, something concrete and not diffuse as earlier years. I’m turning twenty, and I’ve figured out that this might be the last year where I can wish for something a bit more expensive, so I went all the way and wish for a typewriter so I can write stories right on paper with a cup of coffee next to me, money so I can go to Canada and visit Laurence, a Polaroid camera so I can fill my room with those fun pictures I’ve always seen and never had, and a globe to be able to dream about the world without turning my computer on. I can’t remember the last time I actually wished for something, so this year I am really excited and hope to get what I want – it would be a nice start into adulthood! My birthday-weekend I’m planning to go to London with Isabel, and we hope to get tickets to the Phantom of the Opera. I have a feeling it will be my best birthday ever, because I’m gonna do two of the things I like the most; be with Isabel and travel! Mona is currently living in London too, so we would be able to have a pretty nice birthday dinner. Even though I’m not thinking that much about my birthday and turning twenty, I can’t wait!

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