Time passes

by Line

I look at my latest blog posts, and I realize, they suck. The worst thing is, I have no idea how to get the good writing-spirit back. Maybe I’m getting too happy, my posts are usually at their best when I’m annoyed and blame everybody to be stupid. Who knows? Whatever the reason there won’t be any taught-through posts today, because I’m going “camping” with my 4H-group, leaving in an hour and staying till tomorrow. I’ll probably stay inside more or less all the time though, because I managed to hit the ground pretty bad with my hip yesterday (I guess I need to practice some more on my riding and horse-skills) and I am currently walking like a man soon to be dead. My shoulder is also hurt, and I’m planning on being the mean supervisor reading a book while yelling at the kids, like I always am on our yearly trip like this! This year I’ll also bring pain-killers and an ice-bag, but it will be more or less the same. Wish me luck, I might see you on Sunday?