Daily Life and Unforgettable Mistakes

by Line

Sometimes we make not so funny mistakes we’ll never ever do again, like forgetting to say you’re a female in your hostal-reservation, ending up spending three nights in an eight-shared room with gross pilgrim-men. Or the standard, believing someone is a guy, figuring out after a dude-ish comment that the person is actually a girl. Not looking in your side-mirror, totally forgetting about the so called blind-zone is something you’ll also never do again when there’s actually a car there you didn’t see and you turn out red when you hear someone killing their car horn to get your attention, for example, and trying to parallel park getting help from drunk people is also something I’ll never do again. Today Isabel and I figured out we had done something that perfectly equals a place in this group, again. We were just checking our tickets to London in October, and suddenly realized we had bought tickets from London to Oslo on Thursday, not the other way around. After a phone-call to Ryanair’s help desk and some struggling, we had to buy new tickets. An expensive mistake we’ll never do again, and a perfect example on the saying “you learn from your mistakes”. But London it still is, and I can’t wait to go shopping, have dinner and maybe a musical-visit with Isabel, and not to forget; finally seeing Mona again!

Other then that I’m not doing so much interesting stuff now-a-days, and that’s probably why this blog seems to be dead. I work in the kindergarten whenever they need me, and Isabel and I have started a “Cougar Town” kind of habit (for those of you who have seen that show), and when she’s starting school at twelve and I don’t work I drive over there and we have coffee and breakfast together. A perfect way to catch up and otherwise manage to see each other in our busy every day life. I have also started up again with helping out in the children’s choir in my church, together with helping out in my old 4H-club, and I’ve also started a course about the Bible and Jesus together with my mum, because she wanted someone to go with her. As you understand my life is going forward (feeling like living in slow-motion to tell you the truth) and I try to fill my days with friends and activities without spending that much money. I would love to go back to Madrid, but more about those kind of feelings later. Tomorrow I’m going to Oslo and I will be there until Sunday, so hopefully I’ll have some pictures and stories to tell when I come back home, it will be nice to have some coffee’s with everyone who’ve moved into the capital after I got home!

Right now I’m just postponing cleaning the bathroom, wearing some high-heels and pink lipstick I found tidying my closet (which is a more fun activity than cleaning the bathroom). Once again my computer has stole hours from my day, and thank God I’m gonna catch up with a good friend later today. It’s sunny and we’re gonna go for a walk in the woods, have a great day the rest of you!