Rise and shine

by Line

I just realized that re-doing the walls in my room was just as stupid as trying to tidy up what was in my room in the first place, and figured out that instead of just moving things around, maybe it would be better to hang up new pictures and new decorations? Because the truth is that I’m tired of it all, and yesterday I tore down every picture, postcard and painting that was to be found, and are left with empty walls – and no clue what to put up there again. Maybe it’s supposed to be empty for a while? The only thing still hanging is my favorite poem “To Tunger” written by Inger Hagerup (sadly I couldn’t find an English version, but feel free to google it), and I placed it straight above my pillow so I can read it before going to bed and after waking up in the mornings. Except for that I have my self-made “believe in love”-picture together with “You’re 1 in a million”, but I’m not sure where to put those yet. All in all I’m pretty pleased with having empty walls, it gives me a feeling that I’m able to think of whatever I want, and not automatically think of the past because of all the pictures that kept on reminding me on bad (and good of course) memories and stories. It’s nicee!

One thing I have to comment before I go out fishing (yes, I am going fishing today), is that I really have to get myself a morning-hobby to get me out of bed before 11. It’s not that I’m not awake at eight o’clock – actually I’m pretty awake at that hour because I normally go to sleep at 11, but I just don’t want to go out of bed having nothing to do. I’m almost done tidying my room even, so I more or less just lay there, falling in and out of beauty-sleep. That again makes me tired at night, and after a while I forget what kind of day it is because I feel like I slept through them all. Any suggestions when it comes to getting out of bed, maybe even the house, early mornings?

And last; I can check out seeing Aurora Borealis! I had just turned the lights off in my room yesterday when Isabel called and told me I had to go out and look up, and when I did – the sky was green, enlightened by the northern lights! Living in Norway finally payed off! Now have a great day, I’m definitively going to look for those lights again!