“Are you trying to seduce me?”

by Line

I might kiss you.

I might be bad at it.

That’s not possible.

We all want that boy, don’t we? The one that takes a challenge when he gets one, the one that does something nice for you just to impress you. The one you know will never leave you or treat you bad, the one who keeps on trying when you want to push him away because you don’t want him in your “messed up life”. Sometimes we find them, sometimes we thought we did – but were wrong, and we all, once in a while, watch that movie and wish for that someone to change into the perfect, but still not perfect, one. Or we want to find him, but they are always hard to spot, and sometimes we give up. I keep on searching though, and I can’t wait to find my hero. My guy. I cry when I watch “A walk to remember”, and at the same time my mind starts working. It shows me picnics out on the field under a tree with a swing, and it shows me laughter. A lot of laughter.

I might have fallen in love with “the one”, again. Or, as it turned out to be all the other times, I have fallen in love with the perfect story, again. Butterflies in my stomach wanting him to invite me fishing, for a moonlight-walk or dinner with candles. Learning something new together, go bungee-jumping, feel the rush of having someone near who knows your every move, but still manage to surprise you with a ticket to your favorite festival for you and your best friend. Being able to feel safe with someone, to feel loved and appreciated. Not worrying about how it will be when you get home after a two-months long trip, because you know he will be there smiling, just as always.

I don’t think it’s my time to be in love right now, and I don’t think I have found the right one either, but I’m just a girl – and I keep wanting him to be that one. In the meantime, I watch those kind of movies, I laugh, I cry – and I keep imagining how I know my life will be when I find the right one

“Why? Are you seducible?”