Welcome to my fairy tale

by Line

Yesterday I saw a shooting star and I wished for a fairy tale. Then I realized I was in one.

I once read that happiness is a mood, not a destination, and I started thinking – wouldn’t it be great if I could make my own happy moments? Make myself reach happiness in my every-day life? It’s a fact that the more often you force through a smile even though you feel like putting on your worst stoneface, you will feel better. The body’s endorphin will be triggered and you’ll feel a need to smile more, which again will – obviously – make you feel better, and not to forget, prettier.

I had forgotten all this, I was focusing on the fact that I was not happy, instead of trying to be happy. Once I realized that this was something I can, everyday, change myself, I put on my headphones, put the volume up, closed my eyes and pretended to be an eagle flying over great landscapes and oceans, feeling the wind on my face and the rush of going higher and higher. It’s a relaxing technique I learned when I was studying for my theoretic gymnastics exam last year, and – for me that is – it’s working great. I always end up smiling, and then I smile some more because I feel stupid for laying there smiling to myself. With closed eyes I also imagine that I’m looking down at myself from the roof, and because I’m already smiling I smile even more than some more because I feel so cute. Seems weird to you maybe (it sure does to me), but I’m certain that’s how the pro’s do it!

Since last time I updated you on what I’ve been doing I have not worked a day, but I have been able to get out of bed before nine either way. Tuesday we didn’t even get one small fish, but we were out for almost three hours and we talked and talked (the positive thing about finally finding someone who loves to talk as much as I do is that there’s always something to laugh and talk about). I’ve also visited grandma – always a pleasure, I’ve gone to another meeting with my mom (no, not that kind of meeting you interesting-minded funny person) and yesterday I spent two hours watching the stars with a good friend of mine. It’s so calming being able to lay on the ground just watching the universe, how the sky slightly arches, feeling like your inside a globe, how it never ends. And of course it feels even better when you can lay next to a warm person who makes you laugh just by looking at you. Did I hear you say fairy tale? Yes you did :)