My weekend

by Line

Friday Isabel and I planned to do a real girls-nights, and it was needed. I’ve been home for a month now, and we haven’t really had the time to just fool around, laugh and do nothing, so that’s more or less exactly what we did. We were singing Singstar Latino almost laughing our heads off when the one duet was so weirdly sung that we sounded like two donkeys on drugs, we drank Tinto de Verano which I bought last day in Spain, we biked (unbelievable I know) down to the city and borrowed Dirty Dancing – and that resulted in a harder ride home than our breaths expected. All in all it was a perfect Friday!

Saturday we went fishing in the pond in the park close to Isabel’s house with Lars, Thomas and Fredrik, but we didn’t get any. Probably because I was fishing and they were talking, but it didn’t actually matter because it was really nice to see them again. Sadly we don’t see them that often, because both Isabel and I are stupid enough to continue living at home, but one day – one day..

Saturday night I went partying, and to make a really long (and fun) story short, let’s just say that I ruined my Sunday on purpose. Today I have to clean the bathroom and the rest of the house, so I guess it’s time for me to go get some breakfast and start. This evening I wouldn’t mind getting visitors over, but it rarely happens and because my car is not working at the moment, I have huge plans that involves writing. I’m going to seriously involve in trying to win a writing-contest, and to do that I figured out that I should sit down and actually, write. Not thinking about it, just doing it. And I need to win this, so I will try my absolute best! (I still would like visitors though).